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Local file management
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The input you have entered on this page has been stored in a file, which you can upload at a later time using the Import button.

Hazard study
Monte Carlo simulation
  1. The number of iterations to be performed. Select a number between 100 and 10 000.
Output options
  1. Human


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  1. (optional)
  2. Scenario type
  1. Aerosol diameter
    1. distribution:
      If you want to use a non-parametric aerosol particle size distribution, you must first upload a distribution file.

Load default scenario from factsheet

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First, select a factsheet, then a product
  1. (optional)

Hazard study (in rats)

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  1. Aerosol diameter
  1. (optional)

You may upload a particle size distribution, e.g. based on measured data.

To describe the distribution, the total range that the particle diameter takes on, is subdivided in a set of bins. For each bin, the amount of particles with diameter in that bin is specified as the fraction of the total spray mass of these particles.

To upload a non-parametric distribution, a text file should be prepared according to the following format:

  • The file should contain two headerless columns, separated by a single 'tab'.
  • The first column specifies the diameter bin as the upper bound of the size bin in µm. The lower bound of the bin is assumed to be the upper bound of the previous bin. The lower bound for the first bin is taken to be 0.
  • The second column should contain the fraction of the total mass in the bin. If the total fraction of all bins is larger than 1, the distribution will automatically be normalized to 1 on import. A total fraction < 1 is accepted as valid input, however.
  • Separating decimals can be done using either ',' or '.' as a separator.
Upload a aerosol diameter distribution file
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